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From: Frederik Brysse <Frederik.Brysse@ivisgroup.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 10:36:13 -0000
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I'm not too keen on OWL, although the reasons below are great reasons,
the name OWL has too many meanings, making it quite hard to find "our
OWL" on the web using search engines. 
(owl returns over 900K hit on google, and even "OWL semantic web"
already returns 923 hits).  
I would like a name that is more useful in a search engine context. 
WOW-G is quite good for this, SWOL also helps a bit. 

What about WOML: Web Ontoloy Modelling Language. (or Markup Language if
you want yet another -ML).  Search engines return few hits (none when
using "WOML semantic" or "WOML ontology"), and it's not too painful to
pronounce. Also, all TLD's except .com are still available for it.


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I prefer the three letter WOL to the longer SWOL.  How about OWL
as a variation.  The words would be the same (Ontology Web Language)
but it has several advantages: (1) it has just one obvious pronunciation
which is easy on the ear; (2) it opens up great opportunities for logos;
(3) owls are associated with wisdom; (4) it has an interesting back
OWL has probably been used for many computer languages and projects (see
below), but I don't think that is a show stopper.  




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