SERVICES:Solicitation for Use Cases


the following email went out to the Web Services Mailing List,
and I would like to repeat the Call for Use Cases and comments

Thanks and all the best,


Dear all,

the Web Ontology Working group is currently
in the process of compiling a number of use
cases with the goal to determine requirements for the
future Web Ontology Language.

A particular area of interest is the use of a Web Ontology
Language for Web Services.
We solicit concrete use cases for the
use of a Web Ontology language for
Web Services.

Example of possible use case areas are:

* Specification of processes. Web Services need language for the 
specification of processes, e.g., for the specification of the combination 
of Web Services. In the past  Process Ontologies (like for the Process 
Specification Language (PSL)) have been defined. DAML-S and IBM's Web 
Services Flow Language (WSFL) is going into the same direction.

* Searching and identfying Web Services on the Web or in P2P environments 
requires the description of capabilities

* The automated configuration of Services and Devices. Devices (and 
Services) should automagically (without human intervention) find that they 
can meaningfully interoperate even though they were not explicitly designed 
to do so (e.g., built for different purposes, by different manufacturers, 
at a different time, etc.).

* Wrapping of Legacy Services. Ontologies can provide a mechanism to 
connect legacy services with each other.

*Easy Integration of Information provided by different services.

Please answer (responding to ) with a description of your use 
if possible by providing the following information:

TASK: What is the task solved by the use case?
DOMAIN: What is the domain? (e.g., Mobile Devices )
TYPICAL USER: Who is a typical user in your use case
ONTOLOGY SAMPLES: What is the use of the ontology? Examples?
REQUIREMENTS FOR A WEB ONTOLOGY LANGUAGE? What requirements could be derived

Even If it is not possible or feasible to provide the desired information 
in total,
please answer anyway.
You help is greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Received on Tuesday, 18 December 2001 02:49:15 UTC