large/proprietary attachments [was: Generic QA Framework...]


Please don't assume that the participants of this working
group (let alone all the other folks that might want
to follow the proceedings of this group) have a license
to any particular piece of software.

Don't send MS Word attachments.

One of my jobs, as W3C Team Contact, is to be
sure the proceedings of this group are generally
available and accessible to the community at large,
and I can't do that with MS Word attachments.

Stick to plain text, as a rule.

Use HTML where presentation considerations merit it.
(valid HTML, please. XHTML even better.
Use the validator to check if in doubt
and tidy to clean up the mess made by many
so-called HTML export tools.

Also, for large attachments, I'd prefer that folks
sent them to and then send the
rest of us a pointer to the resulting page
under .

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 12 December 2001 09:05:54 UTC