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Folks - with due respect, we will have more than enough mail on this 
list without a lot of extra issues brought in that cause flaming and 
all.  Remember also that this mailing list is public, and that a 
number of non-WG-members are reading and following our discussions -- 
those that should be directed to a larger audience can go to 
www-rdf-logic, those that don't need sharing can be
replied to without cc'ing the list.

Please think hard about whether your responses need to go to the 
whole webont mailing list instead of to the sender.

Meanwhile, since this has been aired in public, with due respect to 
Peter and Pat, if one reads this in the context of the other 9 
points, and at the level at which it was written, I thought it was 
pretty good - here is the email I sent to the Coordination group 
(which I am a member of):

At 7:49 AM -0500 12/6/01, Jim Hendler wrote:
>I'll go out on a limb here and say that I think this is pretty good. 
>As is my wont, I immediately began to try to improve it, but after 
>hacking around for a while, I ended up leaving it just how it was.

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