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Dear WG

Use Case - Aerospace Engineering Data Modelling

We are building an ontology capable of describing the objects involved
in an aerospace engineering development project, and associating them with
the reference documentation which defines the objects. The objects may be
related to
each other in several ways:

parent-child relationships - a wing assembly has as child elements a wing, a
wing spar,
an engine ...
constraints - the length property of the wing spar is constrained by the
length property
of the wing
illustrations - an object in the ontology may be portrayed by a diagram in a
source document

All aircraft are individually different, so we need to be able to make
about instances of classes as well as about the classes themselves. We also
consistency rules which enable us to say things like

"the existence of a member of class A entails the existence of a member of
class B"

We are experimenting with semantic web technologies (RDF, DAML and
extensions) to model 
the data in order to support visualisation and navigation based on object
(rather than physical or documentation structure)
and support reliable transformations between
different representations of the data. We are particularly interested in the

languages themselves (for modelling and expressing logical relationships)
 and in graphical and other techniques for
visualising and navigating the ontologies.

Best Regards
Stephen Buswell
Stilo Technology Ltd


Received on Thursday, 6 December 2001 09:24:17 UTC