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Lisa Dusseault wrote:

>>Well, a redirect is not a mapping, but just points to a 
>>mapping. Now, what is a "pseudo-bind access"?
>>In the bind spec, all bindings are created equal...
> Yes, but in an implementation, that may not be the case.  In previous

Then that's a broken implementation.

> versions of the bind spec, I seem to recall, not all bindings were

The binding spec hasn't change in this regard since the first last-call 
in 2000.

> equal.  And binding is not a standard yet. We may have problems
> with the model that all bindings are created equal.

No. It's a *feature* that they are. This may mean that the model used by 
BIND isn't applicable to a specific problem, and that's fine. For 
instance, there are also "redirect references" (separate protocol). 
Historically, there was also talk about "direct reference resources" but 
as far as I can tell from the mailing list archives, nobody was 
interested in pursueing that.


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