RE: "URI properties", Was: SEARCH for displayname

> As long as we're discussing URI mappings that have been created on a 
> server that complies to the BIND sppec (and this how we got 
> here), this 
> is incorrect. It is very clear that the mappings are part of 
> the state 
> of the collection, not of the resource they map to.

Again, how is that the case?  What text makes that clear?  If it's in
the bind spec, that's not a standard yet and I don't agree with that 

For that matter, a 'parent-path' property would be useful too.  It 
would be a context-sensitive property like 'last-path-segment', but 
there are many potential context-sensitive live properties.  
'getcontentlength' is one of those - a dynamic resource may well 
behave differently depending on what URL is used to access it.  


Received on Wednesday, 12 November 2003 10:11:58 UTC