RE: comment on DASL draft issue: qsd pseudo property

> Here's an attempt to avoid the usage of pseudo-properties (feedback
> appreciated):

Queryschema isn't a "pseudo-property" at all. In fact, the title to section
4.1 simply calls it "The DAV:queryschema property".  Perhaps the oddity here
could be cleared up very simply by adding that if the server supports
PROPFIND, then that method may be used to retrieve the queryschema value,
since it is just a ordinary property (much like DAV:supportedlocks).

The use of the SEARCH method to retrieve the property value can remain as a
convenience for clients or servers that don't support PROPFIND.  Even when
clients and servers don't support PROPFIND, they are clearly using
properties (any property in a <select> clause).


Received on Monday, 10 June 2002 12:48:23 UTC