comment on issues in DASL draft: query on href


says "DAV:href isn't a property, so it can't be used in queries. Is this a 
problem? Examples where DAV:displayname is queried instead seem to indicate 
that. A possible solution would be to allow DAV:href whereever DAV:prop is 
allowed in the where clause."

I don't think it's a problem.  Can any one provide a use case that is 
impossible because of this?  note that DASL is for searching WebDAV 
*resources* not for searching the name space of URLs.

Note that there could easily be multiple URLs for the same resource, or 
URLs that are constructed on the fly.  I don't think DASL can support 
searching the href itself.  It's not meaningful.

Displayname on the other hand, is a meaningful and stable property of a 
resource.  The display name is NOT the URL.

Can we close this issues?

Received on Monday, 27 May 2002 20:15:10 UTC