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> Hi,
>    i'm working on a project called"student assignment handin system". The
> basic idea is for the students being able to handin (upload) their
> assignment throught internet(using http), and their files will be
> stored on
> our server.
>    We are investigating into different technologies to come up with a
> solution that will best suit our need. We found out about webdav,
> and think
> it might be a suitable solution. Please excuse me for my ignorance of
> web-dav technology, i have some general questions about web-dav. Any help
> will be greatly appriciated.

First of all, you'd better ask on the webdav (dist-auth) mailing list (see
pointers on

> I know web-dav is a extension to http protocol, in  order to use it, we
> need to implement the client and the server side applications(we are
> thinking of using java or perl). I just installed apache2, which includes
> the mod-dav module. now here are my questions:
> 1. does mod-dav act as a server application already? what else
> (program) do
> we need to handle the client requests?

AFAIK, that's all you need.

> 2. can web-dav handle multiple file uploads? for example if the student
> choose to hand in a fold which contains multiple files, will
> web-dav handle
> that? or can we program it in the server side application?

WebDAV handles this as creating a collection, and uploading the contained
resources individually.

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