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DASL on Sharemation

From: Kevin Wiggen <wiggs@xythos.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:00:34 -0700
To: www-webdav-dasl@w3.org
Message-id: <LNBBKDGPNJMOJNOBHLLMKEFCCDAA.wiggs@xythos.com>
Xythos Software Inc., is proud to announce that the Xythos Storage Server
(and thus Sharemation at www.sharemation.com) is now a DASL server.

We are proud to enter into a BETA test phase with you the other members of
the DASL community.

Some of the specifics of our server.

1)  All valid directories and files can act as a DASL search arbiter.  Thus
I can send a "SEARCH" request at any directory or file
(http://www.sharemation.com/~kwiggen for instance).

2)  As of right now, the URI that the request is sent in on is ignored, and
the SCOPE inside the FROM clause is used as a fully qualified path.

3)  Sharemation security will run as part of the query.  This means that you
either need to be sending our security cookies, basic authentication header,
or running against "PUBLIC" files and directories.  I suggest making files
and folders "PUBLIC" for your testing purposes.

4)  QSD is not operational as of yet, but it is at the bottom of this note.

Any questions, comments, bugs, enhancements, please send to me

I look forward to hearing from others in the DASL community and working on
Kevin Wiggen
Xythos Software Inc.

<d:basicsearchschema xmlns:d="DAV:"
         <d:prop><d:getcontenttype/><d:displayname/><ALL DEAD
         <d:datatype><HTTP-DATE/></d:datatype>   <!--  See my note in
another post -->
         <d:prop><d:resourcetype/></d:prop>   <!-- Will do <d:eq> looking
for <d:collection>  -->
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