Re: scXML recommendation ( §3.12.1

   You are correct that the sentence doesn't make sense as it stands, 
and that the second occurrence of 'error.send' should be partially 
capitalized.  The sentence should be:

"...but would not match events named /"", 
"errorhandler.mistake", "errOr.send" or "foobar".
(Ah, the evils of automatic spelling correction.)  Thanks for catching 
this.  We are creating an errata document and will add it.

- Jim

On 2/5/2016 4:00 AM, CAMPION Pascal wrote:
> Good morning,
> I have a hard time understanding this sentence in 
> :
> /For example, a transition with an 'event' attribute of "error foo" 
> will match event names "error", "error.send", "error.send.failed", 
> etc. (or "foo", "" etc.) but would not match events named 
> "", "errorhandler.mistake", "error.send" or "foobar"./
> This sentence explain that the pattern /"error foo" /will, at the same 
> time, match and not match the event /"error.send"/.
> I think that the later occurrence is erroneous, and should be 
> partially capitalized (/"Error.send"/ for example).
> Regards,
> Pascal Campion

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