SCXML test coverage

I've received 3 implementation reports so far, and have posted an 
updated IR Test plan document showing the results for each test.  We 
have at least 2 passes for all mandatory tests except test288, which I 
just added a couple of weeks ago.  If you have already submitted a 
report, could you consider running 288 and re-submitting?

Also, for the ECMA data model, we have two reports, but only one passes 
tests 446, 569, and 459.  If you have an implementation of the ECMA data 
model and haven't passed those tests, would  you consider working on 
them and then re-submitting?

In addition to the reports that we have received so far, three other 
people have told me that they will submit reports.  If all of them do, 
we will have a strong implementation report and shouldn't  have any 
trouble getting to Recommendation status. (We currently have only one 
implementation of the BasicHTTP Event I/O processor, but I think that at 
least two of the people who have yet to submit have implementations of 
it, so we should be able to keep it in the final specification, if all 
goes well.)

Jim Barnett

Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 15:16:44 UTC