Re: [SCXML] bad tests with inline values

So I should not have the xslt file insert quotations, but instead 
include them in the data and condition if a string is intended, and not 
if an int is intended, while leaving '==' for the comparison (in 
ECMAScript - other data model languages could use different comparison 
operators).  Is that correct?

- Jim
On 3/19/2014 11:07 AM, David Junger wrote:
> Le 19 mar 2014 à 15:06, Jim Barnett <> a écrit :
>> I'm not sure that I understand the conclusion of this discussion.  Do we have agreement on what to do with the tests?
> I think the gist is that it looks better if the value in the condition is exactly (including the type) the value you used to define the data. If you want to do anything, just fix that, i.e. either use quotes in the data or don't use quotes in the condition.
> But it doesn't break the test to compare a string with a number as long as you keep writing the condition as an equivalence (==), which you should keep doing.
> 			David

Jim Barnett

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