Assertion 368 has some problem in 7_2

Hello www-voice,


I am working on testing our (Avaya) ccxml browser and found out there
are a couple of problems in current test suite
<> .  


1.      After running go.bat, the file TA_368_maxstale.ccxml is missing
from 7_2 folder.

2.      The file TA_368_maxage.ccxml fetched in  the file 7_2.txml
should be TA_368_maxstale.ccxml. I think it might be just copy-paste


This problem might already be reported by some other people but I cannot
see from archived file.


Please let me know if my finding is correct.




Jianing Han (Avaya)

Received on Friday, 20 April 2012 11:03:45 UTC