Re: [speech] PLS Pronunciation Lexicons, link/rel support in HTML5

I updated the description of the "pronunciation" link/rel in the  
'RelExtensions' wiki page, so that the W3C PLS format is mentioned as  
one possible type, amongst other eligible pronunciation lexicon  
formats (thank you Fantasai).

On 2 Feb 2011, at 20:25, Daniel Weck wrote:

> Hi Daniel (CC to the EPUB and Voice-Browser working groups),
> I have reactivated this HTML5 issue [1] which proposes the adoption  
> of a "pronunciation" link/rel extension [2], in order to provide  
> first-class support for PLS pronunciation lexicons within HTML pages.
> In the upcoming v3.0 of EPUB [3], PLS files can be included at the  
> publication level (i.e. not on a per-HTML file basis), so EPUB  
> doesn't actually depend on this particular link/rel extension (it  
> relies only on the "application/pls+xml" MIME type).
> Based on Ian Hickson's comments in the W3C bug tracker, it seems  
> that a proposed "rel" extension gets accepted once the submitter can  
> prove that it is adopted:
> "You'll need to write a spec first, and demonstrate that people are  
> using the keyword. ... Please let us know once this keyword is  
> deployed, for reconsideration."
> Consequently, I am tempted to propose a small addition to the EPUB3  
> specification, so that XHTML5 documents in a publication can  
> reference PLS files, just like CSS files (providing they are  
> declared in the EPUB manifest, of course). EPUB would therefore  
> showcase a concrete adoption of the link/rel "pronunciation"  
> extension, which would help moving its status from "proposal" to  
> "accepted" in the HTML5 working group. I don't believe this is a  
> requirement for "rel" extensions to actually work, but it would be  
> nice to get official endorsement, especially given that this is  
> pretty much a critical issue with regards to content accessibility.
> Comments welcome.
> Regards, Daniel
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

Daniel Weck

Received on Wednesday, 2 February 2011 22:36:24 UTC