Fwd: Re: DTMF, MRCP, but ... what???

Our MRCP server is yielding the following NLSML result for a basic grammar 
with no semantic interpretation tags:
	<?xml version='1.0'?>
	  <interpretation grammar="session:144235924" confidence="100">
	    <input mode="dtmf">
    	  1 2 3 4
	        1 2 3 4
	        {SWI_literal:1 2 3 4}

Carefully reading over the NLSML and VoiceXML specifications, it seems correct 
to assign the full <instance> contents to the VXML variable as an ECMAScript 
object structure. However, the application of course is expecting the raw 
input string '1 2 3 4', not an object.

Why would the MRCP server be providing a semantic interpretation of its own, 
rather than omitting it? How should a conforming VoiceXML interpreter handle 
cases like this?



Received on Thursday, 27 January 2011 20:32:12 UTC