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We reviewed this issue before publishing the most recent draft and decided to keep the current terminology, largely because it is consistent with UML.  Platforms are free to introduce alternative notations as extensions (this might make particular sense for development environments.)  It would be simple to provide an XSLT stylesheet translating the alternative notation into the standard terminology if portability became an issue.


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Subject: SCXML Alternative Notation


>From Working Draft 13: 

> <go to="s" on="e" if="x>1" /> 
> Would such a change of naming conventions be an improvement? Could 
> it serve to attract more new users to SCXML? We solicit feedback on 
> this matter. 

Count another "YES" vote for this idea.  Not only is it more compact 
and readable, but it also avoids inconsistent use of the "target" 
attribute between <send> and <transition>.  It may also help to make 
more explicit the distinction between an event (as used with <send> 
and <raise>) and the event designator used for transitions. 

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