OptimTalk CCXML Interpreter - Final Implementation results

OptimSys' OptimTalk CCXML Interpreter

OptimSys provides software technologies, products and services in the 
area of telephony, call centers, IVR systems and speech-enabled systems 
in general. The company specializes in VoiceXML, CCXML and advanced 
speech technologies.

We are strongly convinced that the CCXML specification plays an 
irreplaceable role in creation of value added services for telephony, 
going far beyond the traditional telecom and call center market segments.

Besides these areas, OptimSys also uses CCXML, in combination with 
VoiceXML, for integration of telephony with business processes and 
corporate IT systems, or for building advanced communication systems 
featuring automation for dispatch terminals.

The CCXML interpreter became an important part of OptimSys' OptimTalk 
platform. Our first implementation was based on the April 30, 2004 
Working Draft and since then OptimSys continuously contributes to the 
CCXML specification development as an external contributor. We are happy 
to see it becoming mature.

This report contains final CCXML Implementation results for OptimTalk 
CCXML interpreter. It demonstrates the implementability and 
interoperability of CCXML 1.0 specification.

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Received on Friday, 7 January 2011 13:57:04 UTC