Re: CCXML: insufficient VoiceXML integration details? - ISSUE-753


Good catch. I tracked it as ISSUE-753. We will discuss it in a short, but
being a late stage for the spec, it might be deferred to a future version

From: Chris Davis <> 
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2010 08:04:47 -0600
Message-ID: <> 

Hello www-voice,

Section D.9 of the CCXML 
attempts to describe how to integrate support for VoiceXML's<transfer> 
within CCXML.

It appears incomplete in the following regards:

1) no clear way for VoiceXML to compute the "duration" shadow variable
   of the <transfer> tag. Only CCXML knows how long the far side was 

2) no way for VoiceXML to indicate whether caller should <join> to the 
   to hear call progress tones before the call is answered. If there is no
   transferaudio attribute of the <transfer> tag, there is no harm in an 
<join>. However, if transferaudio exists and that <join> occurs the caller
   will never hear it.

3) no way for VoiceXML to abort playback of any transferaudio once the 
   answers. A case can be made that because CCXML controls the switching the
   connections can be made such that the output of the playback doesn't 
go anywhere
   but this is inefficient.

4) no way for VoiceXML to indicate to CCXML that transferaudio playback 
has completed.
    Such notification would allow CCXML to then <join> caller and callee 
to allow
    caller to hear call progress (please wait while we connect your 
call....ring ring ).

I propose a new event - dialog.transfer.connected - to inform VoiceXML
the far side has answered. This will solve #3 above and allow VoiceXML 
to start
its own timer for duration also solving #1 (time difference calculated 
when VoiceXML is told
end of transfer).

Finally, a new dialog.transfer.callprogress event would signal CCXML to 
peform an
early <join> of caller to callee for call progress before the call is 
VoiceXML could send this right after the dialog.transfer if there is no 
or after transferaudio completes if there is transferaudio. This would 
solve #2 and #4 above.


Chris Davis
Interact Incorporated R&D

Received on Tuesday, 7 December 2010 10:37:55 UTC