April CCXML, 7_1: attribute enctype used with the value of the method "post" in <dialogprepare>

Hello www-voice,

In 7_1, assertion 456, the 'enctype' attribute is used in 
<dialogprepare> although the value of the 'method' attribute is "post".

According to the Specification,, the 'enctype' attribute is 
"Valid only when the value of the method is 'post'". What does it mean 
that the atribute is "valid"? Does it mean that 'enctype' MUST not be 
used if the value of the 'method' is "get"? Or does it mean that 
'enctype' can be used and is just ignored?

Furthermore, we recommend to state explicitly that the value of the 
'method' attribute is case-insensitive in all elements where this 
attribute appears. This is stated in Appendix L3 but not in the 
description of elements.


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Received on Thursday, 27 May 2010 14:31:33 UTC