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Question on SCXML algorithm

From: ENGELMANN Bruce <Bruce.ENGELMANN@3ds.com>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 17:58:13 -0400
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I am the CTO of DS SIMULIA Corporation.  I am looking at adopting SCXML for a controller for multiphysics simulation - a far cry from the voice applications which reference SCXML.  I am very excited about the emerging standard as Haral state charts are quite useful for some of our applications.


I have a question on the "Algorithm for SCXML Interpretation from the Working Draft 29 document.  In procedure addStatesToEntry, when evaluating the block isCompoundState(s), there is a call to getDefaultInitialState(s).  I cannot find this function defined in the document.  Presumably it returns a single value of a state id.  However, in my understanding of SCXML that the target of the sole transition of an <initial> element can be any decendant (not necessarily direct) of the composite state. If the composite state has parallel grandchildren then can't there be multiple targets within that parallel region?   If so, then how do I interpret getDefaultInitialState(s) in the algorithm.


It may be my lack of understanding of SCXML but I sure would appreciate some help here.  I am very excited from what I see so far and this seems very applicable to our domain.  I would be glad to update you on our progress in the future.


Thanks for your help in advance.





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