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Dialog and Connection semantic error handling

From: Petr Kuba <kuba@optimsys.cz>
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 11:43:20 +0200
Message-ID: <4BE3E0B8.1020204@optimsys.cz>
To: www-voice@w3.org

Could you please clarify the following issues?

Description of the connectionid attribute of the <dialogstart> element 

     If the attribute value is invalid an error.semantic event must be

The question is whether this statement applies only to ECMAScript errors 
such as accessing non-declared variable or also to the case where 
unknown connection is referenced. For example:

     <dialogstart ... connectionid="'fake_conn_id'"/>

Value of connectionid will be evaluated correctly in this case but there 
is no connection with the given id. Shall error.semantic be thrown in 
this case?

Another question is what shall be done when error.semantic is thrown 
when executing <dialogstart>. Is it allowed to call <dialogstart> again, 
shall <dialogterminate> be called, or shall the Dialog Object be 
destroyed automatically?

Please note that these questions apply also to <dialogprepare> and 
connection-related elements and the following statement is related to 
this issue:

     10.2.4: Connection Operations

     If the element cannot be evaluated, for example if the referenced
     connectionid  contained an invalid ECMAScript expression, then an
     'error.semantic' event is thrown - as is the case for all CCXML
     elements. The error.semantic event MUST NOT change the state of the
     associated Connection Object(s).

So if the dialog behaves the same way as connection it should not be 
destroyed automatically after error.semantic.

Thanks for clarification,
Petr Kuba

    Petr Kuba, Project Manager
    OptimSys, s.r.o
    Tel: +420 541 143 065
    Fax: +420 541 143 066
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