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ECMA-327 (ECMAScript Compact version) implementation on .Net Compact Framework Sébastien Bratieres (Tuesday, 23 December)

1st working draft VXML 3.0 now available James Larson (Monday, 22 December)

W3C Workshop on the role of Mobile Technologies in fostering Social and Economic Development Stephane Boyera (Friday, 19 December)

[SSML] log Raxit Sheth (Tuesday, 9 December)

Re: Notification of implicit bridge teardowns - ISSUE-525 RJ Auburn (Tuesday, 25 November)

Re: <disconnect/> on outbound call - ISSUE-524 RJ Auburn (Thursday, 13 November)

Incorrect example in the CCXML spec Petr Kuba (Thursday, 13 November)

Summary of Face-to-face meeting October 23-24, 2008 James Larson (Wednesday, 12 November)

SSML 1.1 Candidate Recommendation published James Larson (Friday, 7 November)

[pls] Implementation Report document modified with a typo Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 14 October)

PLS 1.0 is now a W3C Recommendation Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 14 October)

Announcement: Workshop on Speaker Biometrics and VoiceXML 3.0 James Larson (Sunday, 12 October)

transfer element OnlyShivin shi (Wednesday, 8 October)

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