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  The best reference for the interpretation of SCXML is the algorithm in the appendix to the specification.  For your first question: 'target' is a term referring to a state, namely the one that a transition moves to.  So targets are never 'executed', they are only transitioned to.  The ordering of executable content vs the actual state transition is defined in the algorithm.  For your second question: yes, any given block of executable content is executed in document order.

- Jim

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Dear Sirs,

We are currently developing a tool to design state transitions and we are trying to implement the Scxml standard. 

I have some questions with regards to how you defined the interpretation of the Scxml.

"executable contents and targets of transition"
	- do you execute targets last after the executable contents?
	- do you execute the executable contents in order of their appearance in the xml?

Thanks and looking forward for your reply.


mervin concepcion
tokyo, japan

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