Re: Comments on SSML 1.1 Last Call

Dear Sally (and the RNIB reviewers),

Thank you for your comments.  Our responses are embedded below,  
preceded by "DB>>".
If you have any concerns with our responses, please let us know.  If  
we do not hear from you within two weeks of today we will assume that  
you have accepted our resolution.

Dan Burnett
SSML 1.1 Co-Editor
Voice Browser Working Group

On Jul 20, 2008, at 10:32 AM, Cain, Sally wrote:
>  Hi all,
> Here are some comments from the RNIB reviewers on SSML 1.1. It has
> been reviewed collectively by people in our production department,
> but also someone in our Centre for Accessible Information who also
> works with DAISY books. They have had limited time to review it, so
> hopefully the feedback is useful.
> Production Dept
> "It seems like a good standard and seems well thrashed out. Due to
> the sheer amount of information contained in the document it is
> difficult to digest in such a short space of time so I have only
> been able to skim through it. As such it is difficult to comment on
> but all the areas I was looking for seem to be covered. I think
> many areas will only become apparent to us after we have had more
> time to discuss the specification or during testing (should we wish
> to evaluate this in the future)."
> Sarah Home - Centre for Accessible Information
> "I am happy that I think it has all the main needs in there - I'm
> really pleased to see the ability to swap voices (which will be
> great for plays etc) and also the ability to add non-voice elements
> - such as sound effects.I like the idea of being able to
> automatically call on another synthetic voice engine if the one you
> are using can't pronounce the words - if for example you've got
> some foreign language in your English leisure read - rather than
> English Daniel trying to cope with German dialogue, a better voice
> (if present on your machine of course!) will be found to read that
> bit - maybe German Gustav?"
> RNIB hope to look at SSML 1.1 further in the future.

DB>> Resolution:  Accepted (informational only)
DB>> Explanation:  We appreciate the comments you have sent us on the  
SSML 1.1 Last Call Working
DB>> Draft.  We do not see any request or suggestion that requires us  
to take an action at this time.
DB>> We are pleased to hear that SSML 1.1 appears to have the  
features you need for your uses.

> thanks
> Sally
> Sally Cain
> Digital Accessibility Development Officer, RNIB
> Member of Protocal and Formats Working Group
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