Re: Query in CCXML 1.0 Specification. - Item 7 - ISSUE-228

On May 17, 2007, at 10:33 :06, RJ Auburn wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2007, at 24:47 AM, Nagesh S wrote:
>> 7)       The connection state diagram provided in the section  
>> 10.2.1, the connection state transition from ALERTING to FAILED,  
>> can happen because of the “connection.rejected” event, but the  
>> same is not present in the specification. My doubt is when the  
>> state of the connection transitions to FAILED state after issuing  
>> the <reject> command.
> This was tracked as ISSUE-228. This item is still under review and  
> the working group hopes to have an answer in the next week. We will  
> update you once we come to a full decision on this item.


We have removed the state transition listed above from the diagram  
am. As you noted this was not specified anywhere in the spec and was  
a mistake.

At this point we consider this issue closed. If you disagree or have  
further comments on this item please contact us within 2 weeks so we  
can reopen in our issue database.

Best regards and thanks for the helpful review of the CCXML  


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