CCXML "event" attribute in <move> element

Dear group,

I have a question about "event" attribute  in <move> element.

The specification says about this attribute:
"The event source from which the event object originated, if any, must be 
moved to the target session. The event must also be sent to the target 
session to provide a notification."

If I understood it well, this event must be a connection or dialog event, 
like connection.alerting, connection.connected, dialog.started, etc:

<transition event="connection.connected" name="evt" >
     <move session_id="target_session_id" event="evt" />

In the above case, the connection.connected event is handled, and it will be 
sent to another session to be handled again. This seems strange to me. When 
the above transition starts, the connection object will be in CONNECTED 
Before the connection.connected event is being handled in another session, 
the object will be in wrong state, because according to the specification 
there is no transition from CONNECTED when current event is 

Another problem is using evt.connection object in the same transition after 
<move>, while it is concurrently being moved to another session.

I would like to know if my understanding is correct.

Received on Friday, 22 December 2006 16:30:45 UTC