Re: VoiceXML and event categories in DOM Events

Dear Bjoern,

The Voice Browser Working Group do see a problem with your proposed change
in the DOM3 specification. Clarifying the relationship between DOM3 and
VoiceXML is an active work topic in VoiceXML 3.0 - see for example,

in the Voice Browser WG mailing list (members only). In fact, the VBWG
would like to strength its relationship with the Working Group responsible
for DOM3, so as to ensure an even clearer relationship with VoiceXML 3.0.


(Co-chair, VBWG)

> Dear Voice Browser Working Group,
>   I would like to propose the following change to the DOM Level 3 Events
> specification and you to confirm that you see no problem with making the
> change. has in
> section 1.6.3 a VoiceXML example, and discusses in section 1.5.1 the
> notion of event groups.
> DOM Level 3 Events does not use event categories, it just points out the
> possibility of extending the model thusly, citing VoiceXML as a possible
> user. My understanding is that VoiceXML does not use the DOM Event model
> and is unlikely to change anytime soon; citing VoiceXML as a user of the
> DOM Event model is therefore misleading, and with no other user of event
> categories, discussion of them not particularily helpful.
> I would thus like to remove both sections without any replacement. Do
> you see any problem with making this change?
> Thanks,
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Received on Monday, 20 November 2006 10:18:30 UTC