Re: State transition from ALERTNG to CONNECTED in CCXML

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Jayalakshmi Swaminathan wrote:
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> Consider the following <transition> in a CCXML document. While 
> entering the transition for “connection.alerting” event, the 
> Connection State = ALERTING. As soon as the <accept> tag is 
> encountered, lets say a command is sent to the underlying Telephony 
> component to accept the incoming call. Should the Connection state be 
> changed to CONNECTED, regardless of the success or failure of accept 
> command?
No. The state is not changed until the Telephony component finishes the 
operation, sends e.g. connection.connected event and the EHIA starts to 
process the event. See CCXML specification, section 9.1:

"For instance, if a 'connection.alerting' event is being processed 
against a connection with ID 1234, then 
session.connections['1234'].state would have a value of 'ALERTING'. This 
is true even if the actual connection has already been terminated, with 
a 'connection.disconnected' event queued (but not yet processed) against 
the session. It is required that the ECMAScript state for the session is 
updated prior to the selection of a matching <transition>, since the 
<transition> might contain an ECMAScript conditional expression the 
value of which depends on the state changes caused by the event."

> Subsequently, if accepting the incoming call fails, which event should 
> be thrown – “error.connection” OR “connection.failed”?
It depends on the reason why accepting fails. For instance, if the 
calling party hangs up while the call is being accepted then the result 
should be probably connection.failed. If it fails because of some error 
then it should be error.connection.
> <transition event=”connection.alerting”> <!--For connectionid = 1234 -->
> <accept/>
> <if cond =”session.connections[‘1234’].state == ‘CONNECTED’ “>
> <log expr=” ‘State changed’ “/>
> <else/>
> <log expr=” ‘State not changed’ “/>
> </if>
> </transition>
> For the above transition, is the “State changed” log sent out?
No. As explained above.


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