How does VXML handle events sent by CCXML?

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I would like to understand the usage of CCXML <send> element the
context of CCXML-VXML integration as specified in Appendix D of CCXML 1.0
Working draft. Specifically, I would like to understand the case where a
CCXML application sends an event (say "myEvent") to a VXML dialog.
In section D.2, it is mentioned as:
'The execution of certain CCXML elements, such as <dialogterminate> and
<send>, may cause events to be sent to the VoiceXML browser'.
In section 7.3.1 it is mentioned as:
a CCXML application MAY send an event to a dialog. How this is handled on
the dialog side is dialog manager and CCXML interpreter dependent. On the
CCXML side it is done by using <send> and passing in the dialogid that was
received as a result of processing a <dialogstart>.'
Should the VXML interpreter handle the event sent by CCXML in the same way
that VXML events are handled using the <catch> mechanism? In other words,
if the VXML application has a <catch event="myEvent">, should this be
selected for execution for the "myEvent" event sent by CCXML? Or is this
<catch> only meant for events generated internally by VXML (like
error.semantic) or specifically thrown by the VXML application using <throw>
Kindly provide any pointers to examples, if availabe.
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