Comments on LCWD, application.lastresult$

Hey Folks,

I think the behavior of application.lastresult$ needs clarification.  From
the 2.0 spec:

The number of application.lastresult$ elements is guaranteed to be greater
than or equal to one and less than or equal to the system property
"maxnbest". If no results have been generated by the system, then "
application.lastresult$" shall be ECMAScript undefined.

The behavior on most platforms is that this array only exists when a valid
result occurs. But, in 2.1, we introduce new behavior concerning utterance
recording.  While recording user utterances on recognition is valuable, it's
even *more* valuable to gather invalid recordings.... things that triggered
a nomatch.  In fact, the example from lcwd shows exactly this:

   <nomatch count="3">
     <var name="the_recording"
     <submit method="post"

Even reading the first 3 paragraphs of section seven give the impression
that you need to actually have valid recognition for these shadow variables
to become available.  I have yet to find a 2.1 compliant vendor that has
offers anything in the lastresult array when a nomatch occurs, and I think
we should offer some clarification on this change from 2.0. If it's in 2.1,
then I missed it, sorry.

Shane Smith

Received on Tuesday, 12 September 2006 23:35:19 UTC