some quick questions about scxml

I'm just learning about scxml and found some questions about SCXML draft
dated 24 January 2006 (

1) I wonder why <invoke> can only be used under <state>, unlike <send> that
can be used in either <onentry> or <onexit>. What if I want to invoke an
external module only on exit?

2) The xsd doesn't seem to allow custom tags in <onentry> or <onexit>
element, even though the spec permits it, because "executablecontent" group
in the xsd seems to miss a <xsd:any> definition.

3) Element <normalize> (F.3 Example of Invoke and finalize) doesn't seem to
be described in spec or defined in the scxml xsd.


Li Li

Received on Tuesday, 11 July 2006 16:29:31 UTC