Re: [si] (SISR-DOC2) QA Review of Semantic Interpretation last call draft

Hi Dominique,

Apologies for the delay in responding to this. We are in the final stages of 
preparing for Semantic Interpretation for Candidate Recommendation. The 
latest version is available at [1].  The group has discussed both your 
latter points and proposed the following additional resolutions:

(SISR-DOC2.4, Case 3): We acknowledge that a limitation of the specification 
is that it is not possible to have forward-compatible SI processors but 
after careful review and discussion, the group does not see this as a 
serious limitation. Since the contents of <tag>s are ECMAScript code, it is 
difficult to predict how a semantics/1.x would function and therefore make 
forward-compatibility tenable. We have, instead, favoured the approach of 
clean designation and separation of SI formats employed within grammars.

(SISR-DOC2.6): We have generated a set of test assertions as part of the 
Implementation Report Plan [1] designed to test and demonstrate 
interoperability. Each test is marked as required or optional. Each test is 
linked to the specification (note that the hyperlinks won't work correctly 
until the version in [1] is hosted in the /TR/ space). While the tests are 
not normative, we do (according to W3C process) require two interoperable 
implementations of each feature and one implementation of each optional 

As part of the formal disposition of comments can you please review the 
disposition as indicated above. If you are unsatisfied by the resolution, 
please let us know with a suggestion for a resolution that would be more 
satisfactory. If you are satisfied by the resolutions, please simply reply 
stating so.

Thanks again for the valuable review,

Dave & Luc


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