RE: VoiceXML 2.0 DTD does not match to examples

Hi Dirk,

I tested <value> inside <block> out with the current DTD and it works
fine with xerces (version 240 java build). The DTD should allow <value>
inside a <block>, <prompt> and <log> since:

<!ENTITY % audio "#PCDATA | audio | enumerate | value">

<!ENTITY % executable.content "%audio; | assign | clear | disconnect | 
                               exit | goto | if | log | prompt | 
	reprompt | return | script | submit | throw | var ">

<!ELEMENT block (%executable.content;)*>

i.e. <block> allows (the expansion of) executable.content entity, which
in turn allows (the expansion of) the audio entity and it allows the
<value> element.

Could this be a problem with your DTD parser? Does it allow you to put
<enumerate> or <audio> inside a <block>?  

Let me know if still have a problem with this.




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Subject: VoiceXML 2.0 DTD does not match to examples

Hi all,

I just subscribed to the list to clarify a problem regarding the
VoiceXML 2.0 specification.

When I look at the example in chapter 1.5.1 [1] it shows me that I can
use a value-tag in a block-tag.
This is also valid according to the schemas [2] but not to the DTD [3].

Following the DTD a value is not allowed outside prompt and log.

Fact is the DTD does not match to the specification. Any clarification
on this would be helpful.



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