QA Review of Semantic Interpretation last call draft

Hi folks,

I have done a review of the conformance of the Semantic Interpretation spec
last call draft (November 8) to the QA Framework's Specification Guidelines
(last call draft, November 22).

In rough summary:

Generally the document came out pretty well. It is quite close to conforming
to the draft specGL already, which is nice. There are a couple of
requirements from SpecGL that I think the Semantic Interpretation spec should
meet but doesn't - two are editorial to do with more use of glossaries, and
one is probably more substantive and deals with the lack of any exlanation of
how to address extensibility. Since the specification itself notes that the
working group expects the spec to be extended (which is useful and valuable
information) this seems a real issue to me.

The full details are available at

I will maintain that document to track the results of any discussion or
review of my review.

Best regards

Charles McCN

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