Re: vxml conformance test #608

Hi Chris,

At first glance, this test can seem confusing. It is however quite correct.

If you look at 608.vxml, you will see it does a <goto
next="cgi-bin/608-sleep8sec.ircgi" fetchaudio="Spring-Vivaldi.wav"
fetchtimeout="30s" />. This is a transition to a URI that includes a cgi-bin
directory. Now, another stylesheet converts the ircgi file to typically
either a valid Perl script or JSP file. This file in turn loads the
608-next.vxml file on the server (effectively does a "server-side include"),
and the resultant VoiceXML is returned to the interpreter. The current URI
(where the interpreter is currently "at") is now http://whatever/cgi-bin so
the next URI (in 608-next.txml) points correctly to the parent directory
(../) for the rest of the VoiceXML. See Appendix B in the implementation
report for more information on the IRCGI mechanism:

Hope this helps,


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Subject: vxml conformance test #608

> Hi,
> I'm wondering if there's an error in the script 608-next.txml that's part
> the conformance suite. In that script, the application document is written
> as "../608-appRoot.vxml". However, 608-next.txml and 608-appRoot.txml are
> the same directory, so going up a directory creates an URL that points to
> the wrong place.
> Let me know if I'm missing something.
> Thx,
> Chris Kramp

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