Re: speak tags in VXML 2.0

Roopa Trivedi wrote:
> Section 4.1.1 of the VXML 2.0 spec mentions that the contents of the
> <prompt> element are modelled on SSML. It does not clearly specify if
> the speak tags that SSML requires (<speak> and </speak> in the beginning
> and end of the marked up text respectively) are needed within the
> <prompt> element in VXML. Do we not need these tags in case of VXML?

I think the text in 4.1.1 is fairly clear that <speak> is not part of the
<prompt> contents (especially by omitting it from Table 34). Also, all the
examples in 4.1 do not include the <speak> element.

It's even more clear when looking at the DTD (Appendix B), the comment
for <prompt> reads:

  Prompt is modelled on SSML 1.0 DTD speak element:
  - addition of 'bargein', 'bargeintype', 'cond', 'count' and 'timeout'
  - removal of xmlns, xmlns:xsi, and xsi:schemaLocation attributes
  - version attribute fixed as "1.0"

and of course the DTD does not include the <speak> element. So <prompt>
is basically the replacement for <speak> in original SSML.

Also note that 4.1.1 does not say "the content of the <prompt> element
*is* an SSML document", but it says, " modelled on [...] SSML", and
it also describes some exceptions / additions to SSML.

But I agree insofar that it would be nicer if we could just include the
original SSML DTD into the VXML DTD as content of the <prompt> element.
I'm sure the authors of VXML had their reasons not to do so, though...

BTW, same goes for the <grammar> element and it's relation to SRGS.


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