VXML error.unsupported.language on REPROMPT???

In all revs of the VXML 2.0 spec, Appendix J (Changes from VoiceXML 1.0), "Modified Elements" section, it says:
	added "error.unsupported.language" pre-defined error type (5.3.6) 
However, the reference to section 5.3.6 points to "REPROMPT", which doesn't have this error listed, and I don't understand any scenarios where REPROMPT could throw this event.

We are working on a project porting a product from VXML 1.0 to 2.0, and if this change actually does impact the REPROMPT element, we need to understand it better.

Alternately, is it possible that this is a typo in the spec, and that instead of "5.3.6", it should really refer to section "5.2.6" - "Event Types" which would make complete sense?

Thanks in advance,

Received on Tuesday, 1 July 2003 11:43:38 UTC