<transfer> with data

Hello All,
  I was wondering if there is a standard way to add data to a transferred
call? Currently <transfer> does not allow addition of user to user data to
the call.  Voicegateways have implemented their own extensions(For eg.,
Voicegenie has implemented a custom attribute called uuidata, I haven't been
able to test it though), but I am just wondering if there is  a "standard"
for data transfer?
I have given a usecase which will probably help understand my requirement.

  A customer calls a voice gateway, either his ANI is blocked or he is
calling from a switch which gives the same ANI for all it's users(in other
words the ANI is not unique for callers to this gateway) my voicexml script
would collect the correct phone number from the caller. If the caller wants
to talk to an agent, the voicexml script will transfer the call to a CTI
server monitored route point, but I would like to add this collected
data(phone number) to the call data and send it through the switch to the
CTI server. Is this possible at all?

Shankar Radhakrishnan
Development Manager
Interaction Center Products Group
Oracle Corporation

Received on Tuesday, 24 September 2002 02:31:28 UTC