RE: alias attribute of the ruleref element - current SRGS spec

Jim Murphy wrote:

> In reading over the latest candidate version of the SRGS spec for 
> clarification on the alias attribute of the ruleref element, I failed 
> to see any mention of alias at all.

This is not an oversight on your part; aliases were removed from both the
XML and ABNF formats of the SRGS grammar format.  I can't remember the
reasoning behind the decision, but I think there was some feeling that they
were "syntactic sugar" and that it was OK to remove them to eliminate
whatever problem they were causing.

You can still accomplish everything without <alias> that you could before
with it, by putting the full URL to the referenced grammar inside the
<ruleref uri="..."/> tag, but it does makes the grammars more wordy.  As an
occasional grammar developer I was annoyed that it was taken out, but not
enough to protest very loudly.  As the implementor of BeVocal's grammar
parsers, it made my life marginally easier.

Laura Werner

Received on Tuesday, 6 August 2002 13:13:18 UTC