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Hi Guillaume,

thank you for your comments. 

The deadline for comments on VoiceXML 2.0 Last Call Working Draft was
the 24th May 2002. 

While the Voice Browser Working Group may address your comments, I
cannot guarantee that due to your comments being submitted after the
deadline. I will let you know if we do address your comments.

thanks again,

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Following are additional suggestions for clarifications of the VXML 2.0
Working Draft from 24 April 2002.

1 - Precise the behavior if Reprompt is executed outside of a catch

Suggested text addition to section "5.3.6 REPROMPT":
"If a Reprompt is executed outside of a catch element (such as in a
block or
filled elements) then an "error.semantic" event is thrown.

2 - Precise which event should be thrown for malformed ECMAScript
expressions in Var, Assign, Script, and ECMAScript expression evaluation
(such as the "cond" attribute, and expr attribute variants).

Suggested text addition to Appendix C, FIA:
"During the execution of the FIA, various ECMAScript expressions are
evaluated such as the "cond" attribute of input or prompt items and the
different variants of "expr" attribute. If the evaluation of such an
ECMAScript expression defined in the document results in an error then
"error.semantic" event is thrown. These events are handled in the same
than events thrown during execution as documented in the beginning of

3 - Precise that the Block's prompt queuing occurs during prior to
the Block.
In the example below, it seems unclear from the specifications whether
second prompt would be heard because prompts are executable content and
definition of "execute" states that as soon as a "<goto> is executed,
transfer takes place immediately, and the remaining executable content
not executed." However, the collect phase states that appropriate
elements should be selected for the input item (including blocks).
	This is my first prompt text
	<goto next="#another_dialog"/>
	This is my second prompt text

Suggested modifications to the appendix C:
"   else if ( a <block> was chosen )
       Set the block's form item variable to a defined value.

       Execute the block's executable context (except for prompts which
previously queued in the select phase).

I hope this can help. Any comment on this is welcomed.

Best regards,

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