Clarification on <OBJECT> element details.


I feel the <object> element definition is pretty loose and subject to
readers interpretation. It could be intentional as <object> elements are
always going to be platform specific anyway.

Seeking clarifications for:

1.. What could be the possible values for "codetype" and "type" attributes
say for example object is implemented using C++ or JAVA?

2. Definition of "codebase" and "classid" is also not very clear as one of
them seem to be standard URI convention whereas other one is
platform-dependent and then it is said that "codebase" is used to resolve
relative path. It would be little counter intuitive to combine a
platform-dependent URI convention with one of the standard URI convention
for the purpose of resolving relative paths.

3. Does the current form of spec takes care of situation where object
implementation spreads in multiple classes? If, yes, how do we define
classids for other classes.

Mukul Jain

Received on Tuesday, 2 July 2002 15:31:13 UTC