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Questions about VXML specs 2.0 DRAFT

From: Guillaume Berche <guillaume.berche@eloquant.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 13:53:04 +0200
To: <www-voice@w3.org>
Message-ID: <ELEGLIHGLLIBFPCIGAKGAELMCLAA.guillaume.berche@eloquant.com>

I'm currently studying the VXML specs DRAFT 2.0 from October 2001, and could
not find answers to some of my questions. Can someone on the list please
direct me to the appropriate sections or provide additional precision on
those aspects?

Clarifications to prompts and enumerate elements:
- according to the DTD, a choice element contains all types of prompt
elements : <!ELEMENT choice (%audio; | grammar | %tts;)* >
In addition, as stated in section 2.2, the _prompt special variable "is the
prompt" What about other prompt elements that may not be very well
represented by the value of an ECMAScript variable (such as audio)? What
about <value> elements: are they expanded in the expansion of the _prompt

- The ECMAScript variables _prompt and _dtmf are accessible to the
<enumerate> element when it executed in a <field> item (section and
2.2). However, according to section 5.1.2 the script scope in a field item
is common with the script scope of its parent dialog. Then, would the
_prompt and _dtmf ECMAScript variables be accessible at the next FIA
iteration (e.g. when executing other field without <option> elements)?

Behavior in case of invalid use: precise whether error.semantic is thrown
and at what time (document initialization, element selection/execution):
- if a filled element with a <field> parent includes a namelist attribute
- if a field uses incompatible input collection mechanism including mixed
built-in grammar, and <option> lists

Clarification to FIA with respect to run-time errors:
When the evaluation of a guard condition results in a run-time exception,
how does this modify the FIA. The FIA algorithm in appendix C seems to only
consider exceptions generated during the execution phase and remains fuzzy
about those that occur during previous phases (such as initialization,
queuing of prompts such as <value>, evaluation of guard condition)

Clarifications on the Object field item:
Is it legal for a platform to have such field items collect input from user:
the FIA suggests not, but I did not find a definitive statement in the specs
about this.

Thanks for your help,

Guillaume Berche.

Guillaume Berche
Eloquant, ZA Le malvaisin
38240 Le Versoud, France
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