[editorial] white space reference to XML specification

At 11:33 PM 2001-09-23 , Susan Lesch wrote:
>Globally, white-space and whitespace -> white space (if you want to
>follow XML 1.0, see http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml#sec-white-space).

Good edit, bad reference.

The section cited above deals only with 'white space' appearing outside the
markup.  For the definition of what is to be considered as white space it
depends on the syntax presented earlier in

 Common Syntactic Constructs

which is a better location to point to for the definition as used in XML 1.0.

BTW if it is to be spelled 'white space' I would prefer it be glossarized
with a reference to the XML specification.  If agglutenated as one word it
is easy to recognize that the technical sense including carriage return and
line feed is intended.  If spelled with two words it is more possible that
readers will miss this nicety.


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