VoiceXML - Dialog Request - Barge-in tracking

Hello Jim:

It was nice meeting you at the London VoiceXML conference last week. 
As promised, please find hereafter the Request you asked me to write. 
I also copied www-voice@w3.org, but please feel free to forward it to 
the appropriate persons if needed. I hope that this simple but key 
issue can be addressed in the future specs.

Thanks for your help,

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Date  : 9/17/01
By    : Yann Corno <yann@tincell.com>, Tincell Corp
Title : Need to know when barge-in occurs

Company Background:
Tincell develops VoiceXML advertisement server technologies. Tincell 
has also invented new types of advertisement formats, using the 
interaction capabilities offered by VoiceXML. For example, "Attention 
Verification(TM) ads" are ads where the user is required to answer a 
question about the ad in order to proceed. "Speak Through" ads are 
ads that the user can skip by interrupting it using barge-in. 
"Advertgaming ads" are ads that work like little games or quiz. Etc.

Problem Background: barge-in
Most of the time, advertisers do not want to allow barge-in in 
VoiceXML ads, because they want the caller to listen to the full ad. 
However, barge-in could be used for new features, such as tracking 
the learning curve of the consumer. In this case, advertisers would 
be very interested. For example, by allowing barge-in in Attention 
Verification ads, the caller could skip the ad by saying the name of 
the product/brand. This would provide a simple way to measure how 
quickly a caller knows a product or slogan, thus providing very 
interesting data about consumer adoption of a new marketing message.

VoiceXML Problem:
The problem is that there is no way for the server to know if 
barge-in occurred or not when playing a prompt. The only thing that 
can be done in a dialog is to turn barge-in on or off.

Suggested Solution:
Ądd a "barge-in" Event in dialogs.

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