A couple of questions about the grammar specs

A couple or three questions about the grammar spec : 

1. Import resolution

<import uri="http://www.somebody.org/grammars/grammar.xml" name="myref"/>

This is clear

<import uri="http://www.somebody.org/grammars/grammar.xml#rule" name="myref"/>

In this case, does "myref" refer to the rule or its grammar? In other words, to use the rule, do I have to write :

<ruleref import="myref#rule"/> or just <ruleref import="myref"/>?

2. Root rule

"Implicit root rule ...... is equivalent to defining a rule with all the public rules alternatives"

Does this imply that the weighting mechanisms in alternatives are also pertinent for public rules within the grammar? Can I weight public rules?

3. Referencing special rules 

I think this is just a typo, but there seems to be an inconsistency between the table in section 2.2 and the XML example in section 2.2.4. The table gives <ruleref special="#GARBAGE"/> and the example gives 
<ruleref special="GARBAGE"/>. I'm assuming it's the table that's correct .....

Answers much appreciated,



Received on Sunday, 2 September 2001 16:01:05 UTC