Re: new working draft for requirements for call control

Does this preliminary requirements document assume that call control will
be implemented as part of the VoiceXML mark-up, or that a new mark up will
be developed specifically for call control?

I am more of an advocate of separating the call-control mark-up from the
voice mark-up. This is primarily because call control specifications can be
rather different depending on the protocol being used. Too see how involved
generic call control APIs can be, we can look at JTAPI as a model. I don't
think we want to see our lovely VoiceXML so cluttered.

However, this unearths the more generic problem of how XML code fragments
of different languages should communicate with each other. I think we need
to come up with a clean answer to that problem, and leave the VoiceXML
unmuddled with call control issues.

I see call control is a big, hairy deal, no matter how we slice it, and I
am fearful of what VoiceXML would become with more "robust" call control

Thanks for your time,
Edwin P. Jacques
NMS Communications

Received on Friday, 11 May 2001 13:07:18 UTC