Multi-choice example in voicexml


I'm doing some work with Web Accessibility Initiative,
looking at developing XML accessibility guidelines, along the lines of
the html accessibility guidelines.

One of our needs is to provide an example in an appropriate technology,
for the guideline 
3.6 Use a device-independent interaction model 

I'd like to utilise a good menu choice from VoiceXML to illustrate
how this might be done in a voice / tonepad modality.

the bad example is html with a drop down that selects an option
when the user settles his or her mouse over one of the menu items.

Looking through the VoiceXML draft I see the weather example

and although partially aligned, I was wondering if someone on this
list could 'complete' it, by perhaps extending the processing of
an answer, which is hinted at by

  <submit next="/servlet/weather" namelist="city state"/>

The example given I guess I could fill out with conditional processing
as per the credit card example, but I'd be a little more confident
if I could have some help from someone slightly more familiar than

TIA, Regards DaveP

Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2001 07:07:36 UTC