RE: Differences between VoiceXML and VoXML

Hi Richard,

    This is a very common misconception.  VoxML was Motorola's
proprietary language prior to the foundation of the VoiceXML
Forum.  The other Forum members also had proprietary dialog
languages (PML at Lucent, PML at AT&T, and SpeechML at IBM).
A standard language was crucial of course, and we've all
committed to the VoiceXML standard.

    The Forum at first called the new language VXML, but this
invited confusion with VoxML, was trademarked already, and
was the name of an XML-based 3D modelling language.
So we decided to go with "VoiceXML".

    Motorola had gone far in marketing VoxML, and it is
taking time to educate everyone and get our literature
and web sites changed.  (For a while there was even a school
of thought in Motorola marketing that "VoxML" should be the
name of our implementation of VoiceXML, but saner viewpoints

    Our products still support both languages, but VoxML
applications will gradually die off.

    VoxML was a simpler language.  It relied on the server
side to do more work, didn't support mixed-initiative, and the
dialog states only gathered one piece of information at a time.

					Jim Ferrans

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Subject: Differences between VoiceXML and VoXML

Hi All!
I've just started looking at this area and would be grateful if someone
would explain why Motorola seem to have their own version of VoiceXML which
they call VoXML, and what the main differences, advantages, and
disadvantages of using each would be?
I would be grateful for any information on comparisons!

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